Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Will Be Victorious!

The game was tied at twenty.  One point.  That was all we needed.  Just one point and we would be victorious.  It had been a grueling competition, fought under a dazzling summer sun.  The match-up was prefaced with heckling, smack talk and vicious debate. As such, competitors from both teams were feeling the pressure.

One point would be fairly easy to earn.  It had been the previous twenty that had been difficult to achieve.  But which team would be the first to score?  One team would walk away victorious and one team would just walk away.

I stepped into the pitcher’s box and cast a menacing glance at my opponent.  I looked down at the one bag I had left to toss.  Could I do it?  Could I be the one to bring fame and glory to our team?  If I was successful, my name would be mentioned in hushed, reverent tones.  Visioning the celebration, a mischievous grin spread across my face.  Yes, I could do it!

I reviewed my strategy one more time.  As the last pitcher this inning, all I had to do was get the bag onto the board and make it stay there.  I took aim.  I tossed.  I watched as my bag hit gold!  We did it!  We won!  If only my team didn’t consist of just one other person, I could be escorted out on the shoulders of my fellow victor.  Oh, cornhole.  You are such a fabulous game!

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